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Play multigame poker for fun. Standard poker with nine paytables. Customize your poker game including card art, speed, layout, etc. Track your stats across online and in-casino play and leaderboards.


My Poker video poker games reflect extensive market, hardware and player research from WMS. The end results are video poker products that combine player-proven game solutions, specialized hardware and personalization to allow players to control and extend aspects of their gaming experience.

Multi-Game Poker


The My Poker Multi-Game Poker product combines player-popular themes with better paytables, optional Feature Bet games, Player’s Life®-enabled personalization and a custom-built poker button panel with better sight lines, maximized visibility and superior padding.

Winning Streak® Poker


The My Poker Winning Streak Poker product offers the same levels of comfort and personalization while combining popular themes and paytables with an exciting multi-hand feature offering higher win potential.

Stats & Leaderboards


Track your number of 4-of-a-kinds, Royal Flushes and more with your unique Player's Life login. You can check your personal stats both at the machine in any connected casino and online between visits.

My Personalization


14 possible points of personalization give you limitless options on how you'd like your video poker experience. Change everything from the size of the cards to the background color to the screen brightness. Even better, you can personalize your game online between trips and save it with your Player's Life login.

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